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Outdoor Supreme Hail Cover
Outdoor Supreme Hail Cover
Outdoor Supreme Hail Cover
Outdoor Supreme Hail Cover
Outdoor Supreme Hail Cover
Outdoor Supreme Hail Cover
Dust Protection
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Ultraviolet Resistance
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Citroen CX Outdoor Supreme Hail Cover

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$ 335

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Product Overview

Your vehicle is the one to suffer harsh weather conditions in case you don’t have a garage or your work doesn’t provide covered parking. In case you are tired of taking your vehicle to the mechanic and car-wash way too often, we have just the product to protect your car from storms and hail, which are common occurrences in Australia. 

The hail-proof car cover that is perfect for outdoor use is a great solution to protect your vehicle from whatever the weather can throw at you. It fits your car make and model, thus posing as an amazing hail protection car cover. Being made of a 6 mm thick material on the top to give the utmost protection to your windshield and windows and being waterproof makes this an ideal choice for a hail storm car cover. It also includes 3 sets of buckles to secure the cover in place! The waterproof tape over the stitches, the stitches of buckle tapes, reflective stripes on the top and the sides, and the 6 windproof buckles make this cover an ideal choice for harsh weather, especially in storms and hail.


This amazing hail car cover is a perfect solution for the harshest weather conditions, like storms, hail and so on. It is made of a very thick, durable, high-quality material to withstand the worst weather. The material thickness on top of the cover is 6 mm, which is an impressive parameter and makes this product the perfect anti-hail car cover.  The cover’s stitches are covered with waterproof tape, keeping your car clean and safe from dints, rain and dust for the longest period. It also features a snap-lock buckle for extra security in keeping the cover in place in case of extreme winds. 

  • Durable and 6 mm thick material provides utmost protection against a gamut of atmospheric conditions like hails and storms
  • Has 6 windproof buckles to securely hold the cover in place
  • Reflective stripes are featured on the top and sides of the car
  • Waterproof tape over the stickers guarantees no water damage to paintwork
  • Tailored to fit your car make and model
  • Protects car’s paintwork against hail, rain, snow, dust, frost, birds faeces, tree sap, knocks and scratches
  • Made of a highly breathable material
  • Easily washable
  • It's waterproof, sunproof and dustproof to prevent wear and tear over time
  • Comes with its own storage bag



1 Year

Semi-Custom Tailored Covers Making Steps:

Semi-Custom Tailored Covers Making Steps:

We consider your car’s dimensions

We take the exact dimensions of your car model as stated by the manufacturer and modify the cover to give your car a snuggly hug.

We modify the cover following your car’s dimensions

We take our time to ensure we offer nothing but the best quality. Considering the fact, that we adapt the car cover to your dimensions, we need some time to make the alterations to ensure the perfect fit.


Clean any dirt and grit from your car in preparation for fitting the car cover
Secure the front area around the front bumper then pull the cover over the top of the car and secure under the rear bumper
Identify the front of the cover that’s usually marked “Front” by a tag stamped or sewn to the cover

Detailed installation guide

Download PDF



"I was super excited with a hassle-free installation of this indoor car cover, with its high level of protection against dust, scratches while my car parked in the garage."



"I purchased this wonderful cover for over three months ago. It's incredibly easy to fit onto the car, with wind buckles and clips ensuring a secure attachment. The car cover provides protection against knocks and dust, whether stored in the garage or parked outside."

Adrian Gough


"An outstanding car cover that provides exceptional protection and convenience. I highly recommend it to all car owners who value quality and peace of mind."



"The cover fits the car really well, is extremely soft, and comes with a great carrying case. I would definitely recommend it to anyone requiring reliable protection for their cars indoors."


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Product FAQ

What is Outdoor Supreme Hail Cover?

The Outdoor Supreme Hail is a very user-friendly, top-quality car cover to protect your vehicle when it’s parked outdoors, especially in stormy weather with lots of hail and storing winds. It’s superbly tailored to fit the model and make of your car to offer maximum bodywork protection.


How do I use my car cover?

This cover is made out of a very thick and durable material that doesn’t shrink or scratch your paint. It’s a highly-developed fabric with a tape over the stitches to ensures maximum protection – no matter how big of hail you might get, your car remains dry and protected. Although it’s tough, the Outdoor Supreme Hail is also easy to clean. If dust or other particles accumulate on it, simply clean it.

Auto Lover Australia provides a wide range of sizes for both small and larger cars. With us, you are guaranteed to find a perfect cover solution for your vehicle. It’s also easy to fit our covers. Just ensure your car is clean and dust-free before using the cover for car storage.


Why buy an Outdoor Supreme Hail Cover?

Outdoor Supreme Hail Cover has endless benefits. Not only does it keep your car safe from potential hazards outdoors – such as harsh weather conditions like hail, storms, strong winds, the list goes on – but it also simply keeps it pristine and clean for as long time as you want to keep it under wraps.


Reviews (65)
Jamie Simpson
Verified Buyer
This cover is pricey, but if you want good quality you're going to have to pay a bit more. That's just how it works.
Kyle Morley
Verified Buyer
I did a whole lot of research before choosing Auto Lover. THey are responsible and the service works great. Thanks a lot.
Declan Hooper
Verified Buyer
The cover is definitely worth the money. It is thick and reliable. Great product for any weather.
Spencer Benson
Verified Buyer
This cover is not one-size fits all kind of thing, so be careful with the measurements. If you're not sure which one to get, do yourself a favour and ask the customer support. they are very responsive.
Joseph Holden
Verified Buyer
Special thanks to the support team. These guys are great and know their job well. The cover is great too!