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indoor car covers
indoor car cover
Indoor Premium Plus
Indoor Premium Plus
Indoor Premium Plus
Indoor Premium Plus
Indoor Premium Plus
Dust Protection
Semi-custom Fit
Ultraviolet Resistance
Auto Covers

Willys MB Indoor Premium Plus

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Product Overview

The Indoor Premium Plus cover is made of high-quality satin material. This soft indoor car cover is extremely breathable, effectively preventing the accumulation of moisture that could harm your car's paintwork and lead to rust formation. Thanks to the elastic material, this car protection cover provides an exceptionally snug fit, giving your vehicle a sleek appearance and offering protection that's not just elegant and luxurious but also safeguards the car from impacts.


The Indoor Premium Plus cover is crafted from 200 gsm lycra-blended satin material, providing your car with complete protection and ensuring the cover adheres to your car's contours at all times. You can rely on it to deliver thorough protection against dust, pollutants, and scratches, ensuring your vehicle exits the garage in the same pristine condition as when you parked it there.

And there's an added bonus! You'll appreciate the included bag that makes it convenient to carry around when you're on the go.

  • It comes with a 5-year warranty
  • It's designed to give your car a snug fit
  • It's dust and scratch-resistant
  • It's washable
  • It boasts a classy and luxurious appearance
  • It provides a single layer of protection with an incredibly soft material
  • It includes a storage bag
  • It's crafted from elastic, soft spandex material
5 Years

Semi-Custom Tailored Covers Making Steps:

Semi-Custom Tailored Covers Making Steps:

We consider your car’s dimensions

As a baseline, we take the exact parameters of your car model as indicated by the manufacturer and modify the cover to give your vehicle a snug fit.

We modify the cover following your car’s dimensions

We take our time to ensure we offer nothing but the best quality in our near-bespoke covers. Just like ordering a tailored suit, it takes a little time to adapt the car cover to the exact dimensions of the vehicle. Only by doing this can we ensure the perfect fit.


Clean any dirt and grit from your car in preparation for fitting the car cover
Secure the front area around the front bumper then pull the cover over the top of the car and secure under the rear bumper
Identify the front of the cover that’s usually marked “Front” by a tag stamped or sewn to the cover

Detailed installation guide

Download PDF



"I was super excited with a hassle-free installation of this indoor car cover, with its high level of protection against dust, scratches while my car parked in the garage."



"I purchased this wonderful cover for over three months ago. It's incredibly easy to fit onto the car, with wind buckles and clips ensuring a secure attachment. The car cover provides protection against knocks and dust, whether stored in the garage or parked outside."

Adrian Gough


"An outstanding car cover that provides exceptional protection and convenience. I highly recommend it to all car owners who value quality and peace of mind."



"The cover fits the car really well, is extremely soft, and comes with a great carrying case. I would definitely recommend it to anyone requiring reliable protection for their cars indoors."


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Product FAQ

What is an Indoor Car Cover?

Indoor car covers are a convenient way to protect your vehicle when it’s stored inside your garage. Designed to fit the shape, length, and size of your car, the best indoor car cover is made of a lightweight and non-scratch material that covers the paintwork when your car is parked up.


How should I use my car cover?

Our indoor vehicle covers are made from a premium soft fabric that won’t shrink or scratch your vehicle. What’s more, the material is also highly breathable, so no moisture can build up on your paintwork, causing a myriad of effects such as rusting. Thanks to the lightweight design, it’s easy to fit onto your stationary car. The cover’s single-layer construction is breathable, ensuring excellent protection from dust accumulations in storage areas. Most of our covers are made from stretchy Spandex, but some of the more expensive products in our lines feature layers of aluminium foil, cotton, and taffeta. These keep the bodywork pristine throughout all weather conditions, indoors or out.

We have in our range car covers to fit small or large vehicles, so you’re sure to find one that fits the bill for your vehicle – and the fitting itself couldn’t be easier. You just need to make sure that your car is clean and dust-free before storage. Simply leave the straps on the garage floor before parking the car, then wrap the cover over the vehicle and fit the straps to the cover. Hey presto – you’re done!


Why buy an Indoor car cover?


These innovative vehicle covers from Auto Lover Australia offer many excellent benefits. Your car will be kept safe and clean for longer while stored in an indoor environment, meanwhile also being effectively protected from scratches and accidental damage.

Our large and small car cover products are ideal for car enthusiasts who have a valuable vintage or classic car in storage. Those who are looking for optimal protection. They’re also ideal for any car lover who wants to ensure that their own pride and joy is safe from accidents or airborne hazards while in the garage.


Reviews (85)
Oliver Parsons
Verified Buyer
My toyota was parked with dusty junk, so I decided to get a cover for it. Just ot be on the safe side you know. This cover is great and it is soft and durable at the same time.
Alex Cole
Verified Buyer
It is very humid in my area, and dusty in the garage too, because I often do furniture remodeling there. This cover was a big help. The car is clean and safe and I'm happy too.
Verified Buyer
I like to keep my car as safe as possible and got a cover to keep dust, dirt and scratches away from my car. Autocovers customer support was very helpful too. Great job!
William Duffy
Verified Buyer
I was working in the garage and accidentally spilled paint all over the car. Cost me a lot of money. That's when I realized I'm an idiot and should've gotten this cover a long time ago.
Isaac Arnold
Verified Buyer
My wife's car is often without use for weeks, so she wanted to get a pretty cover for it. I took it upon myself to choose one and I'm glad she liked it! The cover itself is great and looks nice!